To prepare for a career in clinical research, Vigor’s training program
involves 12 comprehensive learning modules.

Drug Development

Drug Development, GCP,
FDA Regulations & Guidelines

Study Startup

Study Start-up, Data
Management, Regulatory

Monitoring Visit

Monitoring Visits & Contact Reports,
Travel and Safety


Clinical Research Roles

Team Roles, Responsibilities
and Professional Impressions

Investigational Product

Investigational Product Accountability,
Shipping and Storage


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance, Q/A,
Audits and Inspections

Clinical Protocol

IRB, Clinical Protocol
Elements and Amendments


Safety Definitions

Safety Definitions and
Reporting Requirements

Class Exercises

Class exercises, quizzes, practicum
and on-site monitoring visit

Informed Consent

Informed Consent,
Recruitment, Retention


Source Document

Doc Verification, Remote Monitoring
Risk-based Monitoring

Expert Training

Expert training in oncology
and cardiology

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Certificate Guarantees:

Vigor’s Certificate Programs are designed to enhance skills used by clinical research professionals working within corporate or investigative site settings.

  • Comprehensive clinical research training modules
  • Relevant and timely information impacting today’s industry
  • Interactive and technology-based learning platforms, exercises, and Q&A
  • Networking opportunities
  • Developmental pathway for the beginner, intermediate, and
    advanced level professional

What our graduates are saying

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