Create a stable workforce of ethical, expertly trained, and quality driven Clinical Research
Professionals who help advance life-saving therapies to market.


Equip, empower, and deploy talented healthcare and life science professionals, utilizing their knowledge and understanding of drug development to ensure quality data in support of safe and effective drug, biosimilar, vaccine or device development.


90% of all Vigor graduates work in the industry, most of whom hold a master’s or higher degree. All are vetted to be responsible and mature professionals who are well-suited for the challenges they face while helping to bring cutting-edge medicines to market and are passionate about their work.

An authentic journey will always be equal parts excitement and challenge. The most enduring lessons are learned through making mistakes and encountering obstacles. That's why having trusted processes in place and people that embrace Vigor’s vision keeps the journey remarkable.

Incorporated November 16, 2015, Vigor responds to the acute need for experienced, dedicated, hard-working, life science professionals who were well-suited to pivot and become serious contributors to the clinical research industry.

Since inception, Vigor developed and delivered a stellar classroom training and internship program with a rigorous instruction and testing process. First CRA graduates, August 2016.

Vigor CRAs are trained to be proactive and able to adapt to the demands of both in-house and home-based work environments. Flexibility is the cornerstone of Vigor’s Solutions.

Clinical monitoring has evolved immensely over the years due to a global emphasis placed on delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness in study management, data quality and verification, and analysis.

Vigor’s training model has responded in lockstep with industry changes to ensure improved quality and provide greater confidence in day-to-day
site management.


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