Clinical Research Coordinators

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs)

The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) is responsible for managing an investigative site’s day to day activities related to the coordination of regulatory document completion and maintenance, clinical protocol execution, and helping to ensure the ethical treatment of subjects participating in clinical trials. Discover how Vigor’s Training Advantage Program can enhance your career.

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Do you have what it takes for a new and exciting career in clinical research?

Vigor invites aspiring, experienced allied health professionals to enroll in Vigor’s TAP program for CRCs.
We provide a professional atmosphere that fosters:

Seeking More

Because of the medical nature of the
job, clinical awareness and experience are significant for a role as a CRC. Our training program is offering all the necessary tools and information needed to successfully transition into the field of clinical research. Our training program is also highly recommended for anyone newly serving in the role of a clinical research coordinator.

CRC Dedication

Our training is geared towards providing practical, in depth information to assist in study implementation. This training includes information on the fundamentals of trial initiation through study closeout, preparation and maintenance of essential documents, source documents, subject compliance and retention, drug documents, accountability and storage, adverse events and safety monitoring.

Passion from Within

We are offering intensive training
which is designed to meet the needs of Coordinators who have little to no experience and have never received formal training. These trainings are useful for people who are highly motivated and are seeking a fast, thorough introduction to clinical research trial conduct.

Do you have passion for innovation and compassion for patients?



We deliver so much more than training. Our trainers will provide insight on branding with a mark of excellence.


As a clinical research nurse, you spend quality time with your patients and guide them to reach an informed understanding of experimental and approved treatment options that are available.


Every single day, you clearly desire to make a positive difference in your patient’s life. While engaged in a clinical trial, you not only achieve the same admirable objective, but you also contribute to bettering the health of countless other patients with the same or similar diagnosis.